In addition to creating company-specific applications, atip GmbH is committed to developing its own innovative products and tools.

atip is currently offering a selection of software solutions from various areas of voice technology that can also be integrated into voice applications:

Proser TTS

Tried-and-tested software solution for professional text-to-speech conversion (TTS).

Proser can be used anywhere where texts need to be acoustically available at any time. This is particularly beneficial for information that is constantly being updated, such as e-mail, news, traffic reports, stock prices, etc.

More information on Proser and its features is available on request.


RecogNice speech recognition

Automatic speech recognition (ASR) software for use in a wide variety of automated dialog systems.

Within a natural communicative dialog system between human and machine, utterances are reliably recognised and processed.

RecogNice can easily be adapted to each customer’s specific requirements; efficient and system-based programming allows for use in server systems as well as in mobile or embedded systems.

More information on RecogNice and its features is available on request.


VoxGuard speaker verification

Speaker verification enables secure access to sensitive data in areas such as password management or online banking.

VoxGuard can be used for all telephony applications with high security requirements as both a stand-alone application and an integrated component. For German-language authentication, VoxGuard 2.0 is available for various operating systems.

More information on VoxGuard and its features is available on request.


Polly survey-tool

Web applications for independent creation and management of telephone (customer) surveys.

Survey results are automatically processed and conveniently displayed in real time by the integrated statistics function. As an alternative to a call centre solution without any expensive hardware installations or additional staff costs, this survey tool is an affordable and flexible way to improve quality management and customer service.

More information on Polly survey-tool and its features is available on request.


Cloud ACD

A virtual infrastructure containing all relevant functions – including intelligent routing, voice portal, voice recording, reporting and monitoring.

The cloud ACD offers significant advantages over a local solution: It connects directly to existing systems in the workplace without requiring expensive hardware installations, and can be used across locations. Operating this solution as a hosted service and on a pay-per-use basis guarantees an ideal cost structure.

More information on Cloud ACD and its features is available on request.


Polly dialog configurator

Web application for independent configuration and management of automated dialog systems.

This dialog configurator is useful for tasks such as the pre-qualification and distribution of calls to defined telephone numbers or the release of automated information. Activate/deactivate dialog or add (daily) information updates any time at the push of a button – changes take effect instantly without any external organisational effort.

More information on Polly dialog configurator and its features is available on request.